Popcaan Copy Alkaline & Beenie Man Because Of This | Rygin King Stir It up 12


Popcaan Copy Alkaline & Beenie Man Because Of This | Rygin King Stir It up 12

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  1. And so what if popcaan decided to follow suit? Alkaline whole image is from copying King ? Kartel alka even copies words from interviews so all Brathadetta fans just shout the fuck up

  2. Every artist fi have them own concert it's a business move. Cronixx have his own to n Taurus Riley. We no care bout who first we care bout the fans and fi give other youts chance to showcase talent. You nuh see seh Jamaica need more stage show. Every artist fi have them own concert. Even if him a follow who cares blood, what is new under the sun? More money and new investment. You have to research and follow the blueprint of people who did it before you even if is a meat shop you a open afi copy the blueprint of who you see a do it, that is how you position yourself for success Fam nobody nah invent nothing new the difference is that its you and you add your flavor to it. Bet all who seh him a follow bruk and a work and build somebody else dream.

  3. People must stop talk foolishness Artis been keeping show long time before alkaline even BOSS so ho comes popcorn be in Fullerton alkaline no and beanie man

  4. Lol funny how how every man have a channel but dont know the history the music. Every artist have a stage show in the history of dancehall, did alkaline copy shaggy?

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