Popcaan Life In Danger Shagel Wrong Target



  1. Bredda what u talking about bout u glad seh popcaan wasn't there or none of his family???? Fix up that comment bredda. A life is lost in the process a better popcaan was there because am sure much more people would have been on the premises.

  2. A dat mek mi sing bout levity!!! RIP to the yute condolences to his family .. but all them artiste yah sing bout death and destruction so yu affi expect anything when yu trod around them
    If only we all overs the powers of the mind and the tongues..

  3. DAMN!!! Smfh!!! Jamaica a move disgraceful star. Badmind is killing Jamaica. Look how dem a kill off the returning residents. Badmind dem Badmind people fi dem MONEY.

  4. My theory is.. Somebody a watch out Poppy and unruly man dem Insta and a mek plans fi hurt di man dem. And I don't think they wanted Popcaan, they knew Popcaan was on tour and felt it was the perfect time to run in.

  5. Da bredda ya a chat fuckry.. Jamaica this not Japan or China how TF man ago a go for Popcaan with a knife.. that no mek no sense fool Popcaan did deh a Barbados b4 him go England for show how long him no in a di place… From man ago run profile pon a big neck like Popcaan Dem ago dweet good caz money affy a spend fi that gwaan so ur theory a just fuckry..

  6. Your theory wrong because popcaan a advertise sey him a guh do tour a england pon instagram from long time. Mi feel sey is a blood sacrifice him did affi mek and that was di case. If di man dem did wah link him dem wudda dweet from him deh a jamaica cause dem man deh post everything wey dem a guh do pon social media.

  7. All of those upperclass residences has security cameras and electronic security systems, plus big pit bull dog a patrol 24hrs. Stab up ? Jus nuh add up. Same way Dem kill lizard him Neva get gunshot.

  8. Rest easy 👑!!! Condolences to the family and friends!!! Bad mind them fe 💥☠️⚰️!!! Who Jah 🙏🏽 no pussy can stop!!! Unruly ah go 🔥them hating ass mfers!!!

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