Popcaan Send A Positive Message To Alkaline



  1. Popcaan United with Tommy Lee, linked up with Aidonia and Govana And Bounty Killer And he’s paving the way for Dancehall artist to break into the worldwide market by linking up. Only artist he needs to link up who’s left is Masicka.

    Alkaline is a very arrogant individual. He’s not humble at all. He’s not about unity, he’s all about status. He wants to be the man and be above everyone else and have fans say he is. Him name pon IG is Manhimself for crying out loud. Jealousy and badmind like Beenie Man. Mavado is like this too. Alkaline doesn’t wanna stand beside Popcaan he wants to replace Popcaan.

    People can Mek an argument and Seh Vybz Kartel is like this too, but you can’t because his music isn’t dissing someone unless they diss him. Alkaline however takes multiple subliminally at Popcaan, Tommy Lee, Vybz Kartel And even thief’s lines from Masicka songs. Too much negativity around him. Ever wonder why people nuh like not rate Alkaline from long time?

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