Rihanna dancehall reggae album confirmed by Rolling stone

Rihanna the super pop star is breaking boundaries so if you have ever imagined Buju Banton or Vybz Kartel and Rihanna or Popcaan and RiRi on a record then you might just be accurate because it has been confirmed in details by the famous Rolling Stone. In this video we read the Rolling Stone article as well as talk about the possibilities. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Jamaican culture is in right noe.Beyonce song in patois.And other foreign artist using dancehall style and rhythm.Even the Kardashians suddenly have an interest in the culture.Dont be surprise every other artist comes out with a dancehall album.

  2. But she ain’t Jamaican and she doesn’t even like Jamaicans like Barbados people full of shit this time woman making money off Jamaican culture this sad why Jamaican artist not making money off their culture this girl sell her soul to the music industry well done girl u gain the world for fame demon in flesh

  3. Popcaan "Forever" album out today. Which one a unnumbered blogger go be de first to give review? Hope it isn't a united effort to stifle the man Glory. Woyoii

  4. I think it's going to be s*** she's not a very good performing she's only come to reggae music now or Bashment music because her music is going downhill she's not doing very well and I don't like how we became last choice

  5. I'm tired of people who are not Jamaicans using our music to make themselves money while our artists stay on a small radar and get used, she is no exception. You are not Jamaican. Go do Soca and stop leeching on our culture.

  6. Tessanne Chin won the voice and i had high hopes for her, thought she was gonna be big. . But she greatly disappointed me when she put out her album and i found it was some dumb genetic pop crap unlike the reggae rock fusion she was putting out in jamaica which was more true to herself. The record lable didn't promote her properly and she let her sister be her manager which was obviously a mistake, she because you love your sibling doesn't mean they should be your manager when it comes onto your career. Also jamaican professional dancers are going all over the globe, especially to eastern european countries, New Zealand, and asian like south korea and taiwan and teaching these people jamaican dancehall dance. Now those same people are using those and acting like they invented it and not giving any credit to our jamaican dance culture. Just look at the Justin Bebier dance video called "Sorry" every single dance moves in that is authentic jamaican moves. The professional jamaican dancer went to New Zealand and taught them those type of dance, and they are not giving any credit where credit is due. And that Sorry video went over a billion views.

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