Rygin King Gets W@RNING | Popcaan Thanked by Bayern Munich | Tifa Almost Fell 2018


Rygin King Gets W@RNING | Popcaan Thanked by Bayern Munich | Tifa Almost Fell 2018

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  1. All a dem artiste who a chat bout Dem ago kILL alkaline,a dead Dem ago dead off,meaning Dem ago kILL Dem own carrier,,only one artiste can dun alkaline,& that is VYBES KARTEL,,,& right now the techa dun seh “ COME TOUCH MI NUH” TOUCH A BUTTON NUH”,,but as vendeta fans Dem know already,seh alkaline is very very smart,him prefer him carrier more than anything else right now,,but him wi still dun all a di little sprat Dem wah a hype up Dem self fi try test him,,,,but anyway,,FREE VYBES KARTEL!!!!!

  2. nuff a dem just ina dem feelings cause Rygin king a bun up road the man say low mi make mi do wah mi like the man cyah be nobody but him self an we afto understand that

  3. A Joe and Scatta buss him Pon Sumfest becuz if them Neva book him the Mo Bay gang gang would give Sumfest nightmare…..so that's why him go hard Pon Sumfest dissing the stage management to prove himself….him AVE a sound ….that will Mature by 2020 if he stay professional

  4. Da batty bwoy yah a talk bout EGOISTIC??? (pussy guh read a book n step up ur vocab)…..DUNCE CAAH GIVE NUH ADVISE for WISE to follow!!

    Loeave di man mek him do what he likes!!!
    KEEP YUH ADVISE FOR UR ARTIST ALKA??….unnu a get a taste of his medicine. U all are vex bcuz 1 KING nuh have NO RESPECT fi unnu batty artist (washer)

  5. If Rygin King continue on the path he is he will surpass Alka cause him a show seh him real not fake like Alka. And him full a confidence and not haffi duh nothing lou fi him name call. Badmind Selecta buoy get last yuh nuh have nuh name and ah look fame yah suh.

  6. A real talk alkaline will crush him out a dancehall..cause if alka a step up to kartel and a rub out popcann ..the uth affi guh easy ..nuh trouble wah nuh trouble u ..dawg alkaline stay like a crocodile… Fk with it and u get demolished.. Nuh lie kartel , alka, popcann , movado, Tommy Lee , busy signal, jahmeil ,shaggy , sasco ,Sean Paul .them man Deh in a diff league from rygin king..just a start in a pink boss and gage league …but him good thou ..rate him

  7. Unuh low the youth alone kmt same so alkaline did do to masicka an gage an tommy lee bredda some a unuh chat to much once the man song them bad unuh have to play it by the way a who dah selector deh….alkaline do weh him did have to do him nuh in a kartel league so what if rygin king seh weh him seh low the youth the man confident like any other artist

  8. Y'all fail to realize alka was the same way when him buss. Ignorant & egotistic! Di youth has the same attitude/energy before him buss. Ppl do dis to all the new artist..Eva have something to say.. Mek di youth do him ting even if him Nuh reach far! Damn some Jamaican ppl can hate on the simplest things yo! Mek him hype so what???? How that affect unnuh?

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