rygin king talk to winford about his sumfest performance and about dissing mc nuffy

new sensation rygin king was again on onstage with winford Williams to talk about being the one everyone is saying that took sumfest and to clarify the disrespect he allegedly gave mc nuffy…. DISCUSSING ABOUT REGGAE AND DANCEHALL, AND ALSO ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUE THAT AFFECT JAMAICA AND JAMAICAN IN THE DISASPOARA…….https://youtu.be/dJiGYBfH-gc



  1. All who seh him too hype can suck out unnu ma cuz unnu vex you deh ah country still bruk and a beg like dog SUCK OUT YA BBC DUTTY TINK MADDA… unnu ah try badmind di yute weh him ah come from di ghetto like di whole a we

  2. Still wondering y Tucker or Campbell hill wasn't given a shout out.. Yet so many people saying that u lived there.. Anyway
    … How mi grow bad still

  3. Right about nw mi no wah fi fire no shot low mi bloodclaat artist bout hype go get some self confidence and go suck uno muma.know from when mi a listen to d youth n a tell ppl fi give it a try. so happy fi him.p.s mi sed fren weh seh him neva wah hear d mn a bout 20 tune mi send him d other n a him ask fi it.nothing like when u believe in a young artist n him bus jah know.mi feel so proud Katrtel a mi artist but i can tell you.1 King a fimi artist before him bus cyah seh dat bout another artist.1 King we will meet one day.and "WE WILL CHANGE JAMAICA" you hath been Chosen .I'll have this convo withbu face to face.Jj. mi initial.hope u see this before we meet.ago meck great lasting music.because the time is nigh.keep the Sabbath Holy

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