Savage – Jiggle Likkle [Bumpah Riddim] August 2016


Savage – Jiggle Likkle – Bumpah Riddim © 2016
Produced by Yellow Moon Records

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  1. all who a talk bou d man a follow vybz unu need fe shut d fuck up. check back '08 n '09 a fawud up. weh d fuck unu agu seh weh addi stop do muzic? motivate d bbc yute! Savage do yo ting breda

  2. first tings first,if u use to follow the gully vs gaza war u would know that Savage flow been squeaky an sound just like just sound more him master it now.all who a tlk bout the man fala alkaline must be some kids.only fala teacha wid the bleaching.the man was an unknown back then an ppl never use to nobody sounding like that.kartel use a few styles of other artists but because him a the biggest,it gets overlooked.big up savage,long time yah try youth an now ppl finally a listen.

  3. Dweet yute, dweet yute and continue pon the same path. Bout yu a copy alkablind…..kmt….a long dem fi know seh you have that flow from the gully vs gaza war. Anyway, good song and bless up.

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