Shenseea Diss Girls Hating Females Getting Body Done Drake Slide In Her Dm..DA PRODUCT DVD


Prostitute Caught Having Sex Tw*rk For Police Trying To Avoid Jail..DA PRODUCT DVD



  1. She just in her feelings and on some female s*** with females because everyone got their own opinion about women getting their bodies done not just women men have they opinion too but you're only addressing women about it that mean you're just in your feelings about a recent situation that occurred

  2. @Shenseeaa let em know that men get their bodies done too. True to all you were saying. People have to remember to live dere life for themselves. Dey have to look in da mirror u feel me. Lol long as dey not goin in as SWEET,HONEST NICE N DEN COME OUT LIKE LOOKING LIKE AN ACTING LIKE A WHOLE DIFFERENT PERSON. BUBBLE LIPS, DIFFERENT COLORED EYES,
    TITIES TOUCHING DERE CHIN,ASS LOOKING LIKE U GOTTA DIG IN IT TO CLEAN IT 😂😂😂😂😂👄👄👄👄👄👄gurllll i can go on for days. But ya understand what I'm saying. N love yo music at 45yrs old 😜.✌PEACE🙏BLESSINGS❤LOVE💪STRENGTH🍻n CHEERS. #muchsuccess

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