silverhawk vs exodus 1994


Hi everyone, I’m Don Sinclair i really wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Your feedback and comments have been instrumental in motivating me in finding content that you have come to love and adore over the years. I’m writing to all my subscribers because i’m embarking on a journey to create a new YouTube Channel based on the things you currently watch on my channel like the Sound Clash videos. The aim of this new project is to create original musical content based on the influence of Caribbean music and culture.

As a subscriber to my channel, i would like to seek your help in order to conduct a short survey about the new project, the music you like, live performances and much more.By completing this survey your input and feedback will go a long way in helping fulfilling the next stage of developing great content for YouTube and my subscribers. Below is the link to the survey and more information about the project. I will keep all my subscribers updated on the progress of the project over the next coming weeks and month.

Follow this link to the survey or copy and paste the link into your web browser.



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