Spice Girls "Holler" Live in Dublin – Spice World 2019 Tour 5/24/19

5/24/19 Spice World 2019 Tour Live from Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Videos from Gold Circle – follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ChristianSaad



  1. I wonder why they didn't get Geri to the Victoria's main bit in the song instead of leaving that bit out. Maybe they did a test with her doing it and it didn't sound right. I know she did Victoria's bit in Goodbye.

  2. Hey mate, hoping you don't mind but I've used some of your Spice Girls footage AGAIN, for another Spice Girls Remix vid that I uploaded earlier today. I credited you and have a link in the video info to your channel *Holler, I'm pretty sure I used one of your vid's in the first Wannabe vid I did, almost 2 weeks ago. #SpiceSquad

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