Spice Girls "Something Kinda Funny" Live in Dublin – Spice World 2019 Tour 5/24/19

5/24/19 Spice World 2019 Tour Live from Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland. Videos from Gold Circle – follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/ChristianSaad



  1. I'm so glad that they sang album tracks too and not just the hits! Mel C sang the shit out of this song, this track shows that she's a Soul singer trapped in a Pop Star body

  2. Love it baby is my favorite, you can see her hair had a little clump sticking up on the side, i guess Ginger couldn't let her know since Baby was singing so much in this song lol it happens at 1:13 as Emma and Geri touch heads. It's very cute though! As they sing something kinda funny going on!!! Omg I love Geri's hair here with the headband! They all look like super heroes!!!!!!!!!

  3. Geri seems blah to me now! She had so much lively in her back in 90s and even in 2012! Come on lady your not that old for the fans Spice it up a bit Lol other than that great great show I’ve seen all the videos people uploaded 😊👍✌️

  4. Love it. They are great. But why does it seem Geri wants to sing alllllll the lines. I’ve noticed a few times she raises the mic up and it’s not her vocal

  5. Why didn’t Mel B sing with Emma during the pre-chorus? Vicky always sang the lower harmony with her during the live performances but didn’t Mel B sing with her in the album version? Now that Victoria’s gone this was her chance. Another missed opportunity tbh lol…

  6. These ladies are incredible. Melanie C looks the best. I've never seen her look so incredible. She looks like she's enjoying this reunions. Pity that Victoria didn't join them. It's her loss.

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