Spice – Reggae Sumfest 2018 Live Performance


Spice – Reggae Sumfest 2018 Live Performance

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  1. that sright spice ….let love hiphop know your a rela celebrity already ok….i would have loved to do regaton with spice other people should have welcomed the opportunity man lol

  2. First of all what tha hell kind of audience is that…they standing there like they got something stuck up they ass da real…no kind of movement…no kind of hype sounds…NOTHING!

  3. Spice I swear you have no idea how much I love you, you're a Goddess, best female artist the world has ever seen, only female artist I know that can test any male or female in d music business, girl I love you, you are a icon

  4. I don't know what anybody else thinks but Spice IS the new queen of dancehall.
    She has taken the rein from Lady Saw. She owned the entire 30 minutes and had the crowd fully engaged. She did not plug new tracks she performed /entertained. She put in the work!

  5. Loll bwa mesye byen frape nn koko mansè wi se mw fi a mw tap tèlman Sousa mw tap tou voye bon yo nèke touche kokom mw voye mw pa bezwen diw pou Yon bwa. Ap frape souli konsa

  6. I’ve always thought that Spice was too big of a star for LHHAtl, and this is why. She’s more respected and an all-around fantastic performer. Maybe she’d be a better fit for LHHM, where there’s more relatable talent like Trina and Amara La Negra. You will find a comment here that tries to suggest African Americans don’t love Spice. That is wrong.

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