Spice Reveals Mystery Bae in Mine Music Vid | Pastor Goes Viral

Topics: Is Spice new bae in the Mine music video? Pastor clears his name in JamaicaStarOnline interview plus so much more

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  1. He with out sin cast the first stone uno leave the pastor alone cause I know what he did was nasty but him a human.theres no perfect Christian.only one perfect a god and Jesus.some of unno do worst then the pastor wah happen to people weh seh dem love god but a do the worst behind close door.we all sin and mek mistake.the pastor need some forgiveness.the man fall inna temptation. Every one gets tempted no one nuh perfect.yes the paston did it off free will.no one forces no body to put fake penis🍆 in there 👄 he just said he was force cause he felt embarrassed.

  2. I don't think curvy was wrong in what she said, if our gal pickney dem will give away themselves for the box of KFC, nothing is really going to stop them. It's no different than all these clinics handing out condoms. All she's simply telling the young ladies is not to be cheap… I don't think she was referring to prostitution.

  3. Who was in the 2nd random video? I love their videos and have been looking for forever. Btw, that was definitely the bus driver's fault, once you touch a police officer, you're against the law. I like Spice I just wish sometimes she would make silence speak for her. Saying nothing sometimes speaks louder than saying something.

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