Spoon head marlon samuels foota hype diss (This wah crowd)

The international cricketer known as Marlon Samuels also called ICON has released a peppery diss track at dancehall music selector Foot Hype that has social media buzzing and we have been asked to do our pen and paper review plus commentary, with nothing but comedy, laughter and fun. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Some people coming here with their personal feelings need to let it go. When Demarco did King Kong and I used the Gorilla nobody said anything, when Vershon and Jahmeil did clash and Vershon call Jahmeil Mavado chiwahwa , and we used the dog , nobody said anything, so why when, Marlon say wapn to footage hype the gorilla look alike and we use the Gorilla some man a come talk bout , Don't compare black man to the Gorilla, and please take it down, ???y'all can't be serious. God created the Gorilla and the same God created man , come out of unu feelings. This is not about calling black people gorilla, it's relating to a specific line in the song. Who can't deal, don't deal.

  2. This is ???? ??? i want hear what Foota gonna reply with Foota has some work to do cause Marlon went in for the kill and him sound good ??? buss a miss Kitty blank ???

  3. I bet the idiots talking about monkey is either whites or folks who hang out with whites always telling us what we should b upset about. When I saw the pic I was shocked at the resemblance. It was uncanny. I mean if u had put up a polar bear I'd of loved to know what they would of said??

  4. Very disappointed in this song. Marlson is an "icon" this song will tarnish his reputation. Has he forgotten that he has sponsors etc. Now him a trace like foota….like a big careless gyal

  5. You all can put the rumor to rest bout Shane O wrote the song. It has nothing to do with Shane O, I KNOW EXACTLY WHO wrote that song, but i am not allowed to say

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