Squaddy pick up eight dash weh dung a Clarendon

In this video we talk about love and talk about the JDF in Jamaica and their response to a recent event in Clarendon involving slap weh of another one of their own



  1. Good evening Soul Flow. I understand what you are are saying that the soldiers should lock the place down and try to find the shooter. One problem, the loan shooter may not be involved in any gang and maybe not a part of that community and it looks like the soldier was a target. What I am trying to say is that locking down the place might not do much good, if it was a situation where the soldiers were on patrol in a certain area and was attacked then more likely the gunmen is from that area and the soldiers would take revenge very quickly. Many time you see on the news where police and soldiers going into houses and taking out guys and shoot and question them because something happened. Look what happened in Tivoli when they went for Dudus, many youths were questioned and shot. I know that many of the youths might be innocent but whenever they go on a raid like that is because something happened or they heard something. Back in the days guys don’t normally shoot at the soldiers because they normally return with very deadly force.

  2. let me be the leader in Jamaica, Soulfotv titles would change drastically ( bad man get slap weh, gun man get dash weh, chinese business not welcome in JA anymore, people once again feel safe in their community, thief get his hands chop off, rapist and murderer get dash weh police not investing, speeding ticket prices soar and everybody now drives like mi granny. corrupt police officers pay heavily in Jamaica Following new law changes.

  3. At least you come talk facts without degrading jamaica….
    But the fact is these criminal don't fear the law so they do as like because on one is getting them off the street, them kill and walk free more than innocent people, as yu say that's the best way fi get thses criminal off the street, untill they fear something the killing will continue in sweet Jamaica

  4. Soflow this is scotty beam me up..king mon I said it once before Jamaica gone to hell and there is know turning back.am sorry for the solger and his family my he rest in peace. This kind of act is unreal and something needs to be done to be with this hannes act on a soldier. Yes you are wirte uf that had happened to an American soldier there would be some ass kicking and alot of died people all around. Like bounty killer say people died deid!

  5. I don't think the army likes wen members interacting with civilians especially partying and hanging out I think there is covertly Consequence and it's death ninja kill ninja

  6. Place is been rob by professional gun men so who trained them so the army going to kill members who seems like they too friendly wit regular people wen yu are a part of an organization yu may think yu can do wat yu like but not so life go

  7. Brother …if you have never said anything that I'm in agreement with, with this I agree …I give yr video a like for this statement for this, (conspiracy to (disband the army) get rid of the soldiers, from the higher up)

  8. Only soldiers think the way you think bro …there is no Patriots in government in Jamaica …and that is why it would have been a different senario had it been the us

    You see why people would want to leave Jamaica and go join the us army

  9. Souflo i remember back in the days when my brother was in the JDF,what you said about locking down the ENTIRE PARISH back then that's what it use to be!!! But obviously not anymore. I think both the JDF & JCF NEED PROPER CLEAN UP!! 100%

  10. Mi like how u put the conspiracy first ,but honestly this don’t look good fi mi ppl dem yo 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲,and soulflo si dem seh Jamaica a numba 3 ,tree on most murderous like jah knw

  11. These thing dont happen in the UK ..most police don't even carry guns unless you are a trained fire are officer… Jamaica is becoming like Syria killing,killing killing and the Government is so comfortable under their AC. 🙏🙏🙏 for the people of 🇯🇲

  12. Why are NEW PRIVATES socialising outside, I thought they stayed on base etc..until they graduate & are much more discipline to deal with or interact with the public etc..🤔

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