State of Emergency and ZOSO extended

In 2017 Jamaica finished the year with over one thousand murders and as a result of that a State of Emergency was called into effect in early 2018 when the most volatile area showed signs of outdoing that number. In this video we have fast forwarded by 7 months and here is where we stand. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Souflotv, respect and manners, just saying to help cut crime in Jamaica, i think the government with the private sector should put a ransom and all those gunmen head, anyone capture them get ten grand and with a gun get more money

  2. Yes soulfu tv you please need to do a video on ray of hope over 50 youth's using music and dancing to promote peace on love though Jamaica they from st Catharine now they are travelling around the Caribbean island help the youth and then what good story things only getting better every day in Jamaica

  3. I hope the figures they r stating are true…………I really think that the minimum wage has to be raised. .its unbelievable what the government is expecting people of Jamaica to get by on..Minimum wage in Canada close to $11.00 an vehicle. .all the expenses! To actually survive in Jamaica realistically something definitely has to change!!! Crime will always b an issue cause I think people in Jamaica are giving up trying to make a living the right way..I wish some of the business people in Jamaica would give their employees a wage they deserve already!!!

  4. Going in the right direction. Politicians always exaggerate their efforts. It would be good to find out if the people are getting the benifit of the out reach programs or is it just lip service. Brothers and sisters in Jamaica please let us know.

  5. This mek mi feel good! YES! something needed to be done! It couldnt continue the way it was going! No start running back home to live yet though! Watch things for awhile retirees! See if will last.

  6. Big up yourself souflo I mean there are some good with this zozo and SOE I am in full support of teaching the youths skill although u have heart for that and must importantly creation of jobs but I am not in those areas so I don't know the real condition on the ground of how people see it and if it is really having the impact like what They say because talking in parliament is different from being the person living in the area for me personally base on the news article I read stated originally that the state of emergency was implemented to protect the tourist industry notice it didn't include the citizens of st James by the then national security minister plus when they where detaining people indiscriminately the minister of local government said that 99.9% of the people detained where criminals if that was the case why. would they have relase the majority then see what l am saying and you already know that is not thier kids or certain members of the society police going to detain for days at police station so why must law abiding citizens of a lower status must be inconvenienced when they conduct thier business or otherwise

  7. Souflo you see with everything even when buying a product you have the fine print and the problem is that must people don't read or are aware of the fine print which is the hidden dangers or is the real deal so with that being said I am just going to watch from a distance and hopefully try my best stay out of it and hope that nothing like that is going to be placed in places I base or places I frequent but in the mean time me will keep one eye open with this

  8. I think they should have mass random operations like this when the state of emergency ends. The operation will keep end unless they just keep extending it and I don’t think they will keep doing it.Morning blessing SouFLoTV.SouFLoTV crew bless up yuh selfs.

  9. OK.. It's definitely something to get optimistic about.. 105 less killings.. Just that alone is a great thing.. Opportunities have to be provided for ppl to better there lives and circumstances.. I really like the block building programme.. When your environment improves, this increases morale naturally. And the community initiatives are compulsory for the success of the areas with high level of violence..

  10. Every intelligent individual knows ZOSO & SOE are only temporary measures! To all foreigners who travel to J.A. be wise to not trust any sick soul from there. You must always have your wits about you – & as Malcolm X said; protect yourselves by any means necessary!

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