This Is Just Perfect ( 19 May 2018 ) Rawpa Crawpa Vlog




  1. remember the remarks uno make about the woman the other day so even the babies know that men use and abuse us and refuse to meet our needs though us aside and condemned us I just don't like hypocrites I never will have love for the deceivers

  2. Re: Crawpa Rawpa on "(This is so perfect)"
    I am a bottle police too. This is so positive and honest.
    Let social change starts with us
    Glory be to God.

  3. Just seeing this and cyan … hardly write… So so touching… Big up Mummy and Daughter, big up urself mi girl…. Yu Blessed💕💕 🆙🆙🆙

  4. Good mother is a blessing from above. Give thanks for all the mothers out there that will go above and beyond to provide for their children. Bless up urself mumma

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