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On this World Wide Wed episode, best friends Sonya and Harsh come from two different regions of India, so when it came to their wedding, they combined the cultures of Harsh’s southern region Andhra Pradesh and Sonya’s northern Punjabi background. The resulting 72-hour celebration is the stuff of Bollywood dreams, starting with the Sangeet, a festive banquet-turned-talent show, and ending in an intimate, ornate ceremony. Watch as the bride and groom honor traditions (hint: there’s no final kiss) with some modern flair.

Ever wonder why we get married the way we do? We decided to attend the weddings of 5 very different couples to understand culture and traditions around the globe. Stay tuned every Saturday at 11am for our new series World Wide Wed.

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  1. why is everyone talking about sonyas house lmao its beautiful but almost every indian you came to america lives in that kind of house its nothing new for me lmaoooo

  2. This is beautiful but this is a traditional Hindu wedding rather than a categorical 'Indian' wedding. For example, many Sikhs or Muslims or Christians living in India wouldn't have these traditions as they are mostly unique to Hinduism. (Ofc from my understanding there are some similarities in Sikh weddings etc.)

  3. Thank you, I’m been try to understand the traditions that are taking place during the wedding. This video helped more than any other that I’ve found.

  4. This makes me sad because despite being indian I haven’t been to an indian wedding yet ( except when I was 4 and couldn’t remember much). We live in America so whenever we get wedding invitations we aren’t able to fly over. Makes me feel less indian but I know that it’s only a matter of time before I attend one

  5. There is nothing like a HINDU (INDIA) wedding on the surface of this earth .
    It is elegant, It is sacred, It is so beautiful, It is so special, It is so unifying, It is so mesmerizing, It is so graceful. and it is so joyful. It is all in one, it is everything for everybody.

  6. I love this couple. They are so easy going and love the way they explained everything. Beautiful wedding. Thank you.
    I am Christian and got married in a small church that my Aunt belonged to with family and friends, maybe 20 people. My 10 year son walked me down the isle it being my 3rd marriage. My father attended, my mother had passed away.

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