Those Relaxing Sounds of Waves, Ocean Sounds – HD Video 1080p

This relaxing HD video (1080p) with real ocean sounds recorded on location is a part of the official Caribbean Lounge 3½ hour long 1080p series with wave sounds. Filmed entirely in Dominican republic.
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  1. This sound is so comfortable that it seems to fall into an eternal sleep .
    Sandman comes into the depth deeply of the soul .
    It's about time I lost consciousness .
    I'm not sure if it's a dream or a reality .
    Good night .
    See you tomorrow .

    Greeting from Japan

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  3. This video is wonderful but it has 3,700 dislikes you people now a days get more & more retarded as the years go by.. hating a video of a beautiful beach..key board trolls ,morons ,imbisil ,jackasses ,shit bags..just some of the word to describe you all.

  4. I miss my home, wanna go back home and wake up in this kind of sorounding where there's no noise of an airplane, cars, loud musics. I miss my province it just sad that we need to work in city to earn money.

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