Trinidad School Teacher Arrested for Missing teen in Jamaica hires high power attorney

In recent days a story has developed where school teacher from Trinidad who was living and working in Jamaica and was found to have a corps soaking in chemicals at his house. This story takes a deep dive and many twists , with a lesson to be learned by all. Don’t forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the Bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. What's wrong with these mothers? The father was very right. Who knows next thing the teacher groom the child; she falls for it and next we can only tead of a dead young lady or he mess up her live n move on to the next. Thank God she told het father. Some parents are just "licky lickly". It's so unfortunate that many young ladies fall for this kind of attention. Mash him life he did to himself. There ate many women in JA his age that would appreciate a man with steady income. Chances this student is not the first one he approched. Keep your head up young lady. Good response to the teacher!

  2. The mother know what was going on she is a no good mother what kind of mother don't worried about her thirteen child? she should be from school to home, from what I see she was out selling her body and bring the money home to mommy

  3. Good evening SouFlotv, I am a Trinidadian and I am ashamed and embarrassed to know what one of my country men did.They should castrate this SOB and feed him to the dogs. That girl could have been his daughter , sister or niece and certainly he would not like any one to do that to her.Regards of how careless we think the mother is he should know better and learn to take control of his dick and exercise better judgement.Lock him up and throw the keys away.Mothers and Fathers speak to your sons and daughters in raw words so they can understand how people can and will use them for their own satisfaction,and pleasure .Young people now a days are not ignorant to the fact,they think that these things can never happen to them. Sad story. He is a dirty, dirty, dog who calls himself a human being. Thank you for shedding light on this topic.

  4. Sofoul you can be around hoe and you not one I have friend before thats a super hoe and I wasnt any hoe,that's her lifestyle not mine,just like friends that theif and I never did,but after a while I see it was a good look because ppl chat n say you're the same thing.i understand your argument still

  5. Thanks SouFlo for this vid, because as a parent I do have shortcomings, but I try to remind myself that this is a different generation of children. I wonder how hard things are in jamaica, in this time, cause things are so different.

  6. That's a whole heap of rubbish…my 13 years old can't be doing her thing..maddnesss..carnal abuse in the Caribbean is nothing new…you can't too trust your family either..

  7. Its very sad…Based on the past few years a lot of mothers are pimping out their girls so men can support their family…Remember last year the one in Seaview Gardens….this damages their selg esteem…every day I wonder what kinda adults these children will be..
    continue bringing these issues to light

  8. Its very sad…Based on the past few years a lot of mothers are pimping out their girls so men can support their family…Remember lady from Seaview last year pimping out daughter and end up getting killed…What kind of adults are these children going to evolve into??? thanks for bringing forth these issues

  9. If the Jamaican school system did a thorough background check it would have shown this man is a criminal. Why was he not able to reach in Trinidad. A lot of times people who go to other countries is because they are running from something or hiding

  10. Wukless mother you dun know they allow her to act dis way for money, from morning. Don't Jamaica do CRB checks on employees? Much less people in contact with children? Get real Jamaica

  11. Lol I can't, my son is only 12 and if he isn't home from school on time I get concerned. I am sorry for that little girl but I am glad that she is back in the arms of her creator.

  12. Careless momma , Dem thief the girl organ's, dem parents need to go to prison for trafficking the kid's. That medical student was there for organs , Hello, biggest business right now , especially if they know her BLOOD type, and O is universal ,those organs can go to anyone . I keep telling you all ,this world doesn't run the way you all think it run. Most of the government around the world are free Mason's and dem have people committing all these crime's against humanity. If your naive you get Fuck. Read the book GEMATRIA . A BOOK THAT CODE NUMBERS INTO WORDS. All these Celebrities dying by the numbers and regular people.. buy this book people $5 at Etsy. com, written by Zachery Hubbard. He's on YouTube also. This is what the Jews, kabala, Natzi's that run America and Britian use to code and kill people.. it's a downloaded best five dollars you will ever spend as goyim or Sheeple's as they call us . As long as we don't know how these crime's are being committed in the world period ,by the numbers ,then we can't hold our government accountable. Listen to the artist ,The Police , Song. Murdered by the Numbers and also Easy as ABC. They telling you in the song how Celebrities get murder around the world,no exception . And yes we have Dem in Jamaica killing off the artist dem that not aquiring continuous education and or concious enough to seek out other knowledge. I coded up all the dead Artist dem ,and everyone of them died by the numbers. Go ahead and code some of the ones living and you will see who is Free mason, and if you think back in time ,who was friends with who or enemy with who , before the drop the fuck out. For example, the Jews code stamp on black people all their lives is , 42, 57,44, 59 . Two ways you do it is ,
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    Spell those same numbers out now , get the results write in down to compare info..
    The aim is to see if you arrive on those critical numbers 666, Sacrifice. 44 kill stamp on blacks that number, also 42. Murder 79 . Please people go see how they run this world because we're clueless to it ,they laugh at us.

  13. I always talk about these children having children my child is 20 and thank god we're best friends and talk about EVERYTHING but the breakdown come in when you have grand parents 45 parent 30 and the child 15 and all going to the same parties and having the same conversations no proper guidance

  14. We must practice to focus our anger on the perpetrators of evil. No amount of armchair analysis take away from the fact that this child was killed by an animal, not her parents or her girlfriends. It is in poor taste and unenlightened to speculate about the character of this murdered child and her friends. It is as if this is an attempt to provide cover for this criminal. The focus ought to be on the murderer and the co-conspirator who was found in the house. What type of chemicals was used? Are the purchase of these chemicals regulated and if they are how did he have access to buy these chemicals?

  15. Not inna fi mi cabinet. I wish my 13yo daughter would stay out after the street light come on. The assin i would give her yuh see. I rather discipline her than she end up in the wrong hands like the pedophile. Seet deh. Furthermore we a nuh fren. I'm the parent. My job is to protect you til you reach of age.

  16. And the fathers need to step up whether you deh with the mother or not. If there was a father or even an uncle fe go gee the nasty man a big man chat mek him understand himself, he would have thought twice about troubling that child. Yes just go look fe him with a plank or a machete. Bright.

  17. My girlfriend from Kingston told me that her mom encouraged her to date and go for the $$. She was very sad about what her mother did. Times were hard financially and she did it for the money to go to school.

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