Vybz Kartel Appeal JUDGE Say He Will NOT issue a Verdict

Vybz Kartel Appeal Day 7 continued as Prosecutors await the rebuttal of the Defense Attorneys.

Vybz Kartel Defense Lawyers and the Prosecutors have all been heard, and the President of the COURT will now review the evidence from both arms but he is not prepared to issue a VERDICT…

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  1. My sister I'm 40 yo next month, Guyanese born black skinned man . Just want say i love what you're doing for the brother and i charge you to continue on your work the system , the American system has a lot to do with that man conviction

  2. he is not politically affiliated, therefore he won't, can't survive in jamaica. all outlaws/ badmen in jamaica have a political link or connection kartel didn't so he was bound to go down. is society him up against….the bigger heads / Babylon

  3. Reality culture asking for mercy for mr addijah Palmer…everyone deserves a second chance in life. i know mr Palmer will make the best of his. without any doubt…keep the faith jah youth blessed love to all mankind's!!!

  4. If this judge free Kartel he’s going to loose his job maybe get killed because that system is fucked up real bad. Everything pointing to free the man but yet still they not going to do it. Pussy ole dem..

  5. Based a upon the evidence given- it wouldn't surprise me if they give a guilty verdict.?……stitch them up!
    They should walk. Knowing this judicial system? ……surprise surprise?

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