Vybz Kartel appeal NO EVIDENCE WAS TAMPERED WITH says the prosecution

Vybz Kartel appeal draws near the end and the prosecution has their day in court to say their piece.



  1. They have to go on like that they can't make it look so bad in them but he will be free one day month or year I hope they don't want to give him lesser time they planning to cover their ass

  2. A better them did seh even if the phone content was tampered with it would’ve been for the defence team to proved it at the time… as you rightfully said SouFlo, the jury can only make decision base on what’s been presented to them. That alone should cause the prosecution their case. Smh, a fool them take the public for and no have regard for the people thrown behind bars. #FreeUp!!

  3. The crazy part is these people have no interest in finding lizard real killer just Incase people don’t understand what’s going on it’s the Jamaican government (the system) vs Vybz Kartel not mr palmer when you have a voice and the people listens to you you’re automatically a target check history it’s written all over this case.

  4. Somebody please explain those voicenotes for me and how lizard cannot be found yet….Them seh he was a so called hit man suh a who him did a do hits fa?!just questions that I need answers for..I'm not pointing any finger..Just a curious outsider looking in.

  5. @SouFloTv pree da meds ya…the Gov dem smart. They know they can't afford a re trial due to the fact that everything coming to light to the point they of to point out their own mistake saying "even if the evidence was tampered with its still good and the jury was to decide". All the media attention and embrassament surrounding the case right now wouldnt make sense for a re trial.

    They will never let vybz go free so easy. What they gonna do is grant him a re trial and give him a bond and let him free….set a trial date 2 years from now…drag the case out till the ppl fi get bout it n then aquit him 5-6 years from now when we all forget so they dont look bad.

    In the mean time they make every dollar off kartel remaining career cause they will never grand him a visa due to the fact he's out on bond. So all the big venue and tourists that's flying in to come see him in venue own or, an promoted by government officials to make up the money they spend out on fighting his case and making a millions off his remaining time.

    Plus he wont be able to sue due to the fact that he's a convict and out on bond. don't get me wrong, vybz will make millions, but somebody else eating bigger off him…vybz career is like that movie "ESCAPE PLAN" rich ppl pay to lock away ppl they don't like or have valid information on them. right now fi Christmas vybz a come home but not how we expected…but coming with weight over his head. A damn re trial and a bond.

  6. Souflotv unuh see the justice system tek the Appeal Judges for idiot .. i didnt hear u mention .. i might of missed it but when they asked how the phone made a call on the 9th of oct .. the prosecutor dem say the phone call itself .. the whole courtroom pop in laughin … if kartel n co accused dont walk free .. the Government is behind this case and railroad him. Kartel have the Influence of a 2Pac which is a treat but i still feel he gonna walk out next year… my ting is .. if u gonna convict him .. do it by the books and nobody cant say a word.. this case i feel needed International press to be there and make sure the trail is fair n balanced

  7. Apparently the defense team didn't do a good job either. How come they didn't know that the evidence was tampered with …and argued that during the trials? it seems to me that they just found out that evidence was tampered with

  8. But wait! So you mean to say that the prosecution didn't even challenge none of the arguments that was brought forth by the defense? This is a mockery! Unbelievable..

  9. Yo Mr Flo
    I've been thinking about the phone evidence. Messages! Phone Messages!
    Now for the fact that evidence was messed about with e.g phone clearly has been used by police. Evidence in the form of phone messages would be an easy cut an paste ting, especially if u take it home Eid U, u got time to work a ting. Or the judge could say I give u more time to get everything that I need.lol like this one did for some reason.
    My question is why messages? Why would big star like kartel sending incriminating MESSAGES. Why haven't they got actual calls, phone convo not messages. The amount of messages leading up to what they said was killing or orders to kill or what ever, they got the whole ting link book or like someone telling a story. I see it as they cut an paste a full story to get a conviction.
    You when a man trying to get away Eid something an he might make one ting slip , a one piece of evidence but nothing really to make a case, these man come Eid full evidence in the form of phone message , not a message or a recording from a phone convo , but full start to finish.
    And another thing. Where is this problem child or who ever kartel was supposed to be talking back and forth in messages? Maybe I miss dat. This problem child is a key part too right, can his phone should be evidence to link Eid kartel phone. These government people had one gole, lock up kartel. Find a judge weh almost retire , mek him do a ting retire nice, an because he retire u can really hold him to account for nothing or ask im no question. Just walk around and say he could of done better. Dam right he could of. I'm a plumber by trade and I think I could of give di man dem a fairer trial. 1st day dash out bull shit. Set up the man dem. Word of mouth and cut an paste they use to take the man dem freedom.

  10. Technically Kartel cam win his appeal but only get a reduction in sentence.The law dem frig up but at the same time Kartel incriminate himself with the voice note and certain videos flouting around.The system is trying to curb the influence of Kartel.I think some times we the people only look at kartel and his music, the systems scholars are looking at his mind and they are fearful of how powerful this man could actually become..Kartel is the only artists the system has feared since Bob and Peter, and it's because of his intellect,they are fearful that he might have greater ambitions than just being a music legend and successful business man.Some people who read this ago seh a weh dis man a talk but who si sense will mek sense

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