Vybz Kartel Appeal P0lice ADMIT Editing Voice Note Evidence !

Vybz Kartel Appeal P0lice ADMIT Editing Voice Note Evidence !



  1. Dancehall kings understand this fi mi zeen see everybody a talk bout free kartel but people don’t see say them a help fuck it up to take for instance you post this on YouTube now one a them who fighting him that don’t want to see him a road see this and listening to it all if it fake are real them ago mak a point outta it and it come go against him and mi sure mi nah talk fuckry mi just a pree this cause outta all the artist them what get lock up him a get the most fight cause them know what him can do gaze mi say and mi a talk the truth

  2. Move unu bbc bout that no kartel who for bombo clatt voice that some unu will mek kartel fuck unu unu fool no blood clatt unu mek the man do him time him bbc do the crime unu can cry Jesus him not coming out this man kill the ppl dem son and all now they don't get the body fi buried uno come a talk fuckery pon social media a can even mi son nephew fadda uncle cousin him fi do the time unu think kartel a God unu fava idiot to rass clatt look at unu

  3. So the person him talking to how come we never here none of is reply…that shuda have made the jury knew all of this is a fuckry an free di man

  4. If someone tek weh you things you nuh must want you shoes,so people tek weh people thing and sell it,bwoy the system fuck up people caah even talk on phone in parable again,suppose you deh round alot of people and you only want you and the person wah you a send the voice note to fi know what you are talking about,so inorder words you are talking for only the person you are talking too on the phone understanding only.

  5. Last voice notes shows you that he didn’t have anything to do with the killing but wanted to know who told him that he died and where he got his information from it’s CLEAR… could be someone him even know do it but who’s to say him ordered it there’s no proof

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