Vybz Kartel Appeal THE EVIDENCE Under Review

Vybz Kartel Appeal Day 7 continued as Prosecutors await the rebuttal of the Defense Attorneys.

Vybz Kartel Lawyers have made it clear that the EVIDENCES used in the case are flawed so today we take a closer look at ‘circumstancial’ evidence



  1. Gaza Nation All hail world boss!!!! # poverty/king can someone tell me which artists/celebrity who is on top and still live inna the ghetto… ok poverty + well never leave the ghetto = vybz kartel # king + the most important person have money love by people = vybz kartel

  2. That judge free Vybz Kartel he would prove to a lot of people that they're still Justice in the Jamaica for people who is innocent at least people can trust in the system again

  3. Supn inna supn.. if he's sure there would be a guilty verdict regardless of evidence, that simply means they orchestrated the demise, it means they were personally invested in securing a lock up, means that it wasn't a trial from the jump. Means that they controlled the jury more than we know, means that even if jury said not guilty, they had an underhanded method to lock them up regardless.

    All along I felt like kartel was supposed to be locked up, specifically to shed light on the injustice of the system, he'll come out and expose the abuse that prisoners are subjected to. thanks to kartel, there will be reform in the judicial system as a whole. This is deep, but gaza affi do road. Lrg up yuhself every time diva

  4. Shaggy once sang a song ' it wasnt me". The defense lawyers are doing what they are paid to do. If this case was adjudicated in another jurisdiction the appeal would have been against the death penalty. Kartel Diva lets look at this hypothetical case : wife made a discovery on her husbands phone while he was in the bathroom. One of the messages sent from the phone read ' I am thinking ,after the mind blowing experience we had ,of divorcing my wife for you". On confronting the husband he said " I didnt write it , one of my friends may have written it . The message had been on his phone for days and he saw it. The ball is now in the learned judges court, I am hoping they will do the just thing and uphold the supreme courts decision . Remember, the jury is the body that found the men guilty.

  5. I was one of those persons who always said he was guilty but I started to look into this thing and firstly they have built a case so its intended to look as if he is guilty, but honestly right now I really think this man is innocent ……seems he spoke about killing lizard and someone went ahead and did it to frame him and this is orchestrated from way up….. Kartel associated with the wrong people and them set him up.
    The evidence is too convenient and no body can be found something smells purple …..next thing it is not kartel who is being tried and convicted its his music because they don't see him as adijah they only see vybes kartel and that's fucked up.

  6. When I was growing up as a youth…the only voice we always imitate and lOve to hear. Is (MISS FAY ELLINGTON) and you blessyd,have me trying to figure out , what face to put to the voice of INTELLIGENCE.. You need to produce a radio show…honestly…

  7. It’s hard to beat a case when the prosecution have CONCRETE PROOF they don’t have find the body, they have words to convict. Words is power. We can wheel and deal shake and bake. If you say you are going to KILL and that person get killed, that is your duppy. I like teacher, I wish him the best. This case is NOT a jello pudding it: My Prayer’s gone out. The law is the law.

  8. diva boss lady CAN you keep a education class Currently nuff blogger need to know how to use their common sense plus the prosecutor them need help too… you can do it free cuz they really need some…. help or may them a act retarded?? them fool nuh rassss

  9. If he has 19….y he cannot come better…come goood…come concrete so we can know for a fact and quit wasting ppl time. He so confident yet the case is such a mess.

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