VYBZ KARTEL Book Reading

Vybz Kartel subtitled his book “Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto” with “incarcerated but not silenced” and the book has not only become a number one best seller globally but has also made its way into prestigious ivy league universities both in the USA and Great Britain. This Book is a must have and in this video we read a few paragraphs to show just how compelling and full of insight it really is. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Up bredda but if yaah youth and never read a proverbs before you nuh have no knowledge bredda a deso wisdom come from. Another intellectual one informal journalism like a article. General a sip from him mug to bc suh wi call it a England still

  2. We can blame others and society for the situation we live in but at the end of the day that will never change cause we don't have control over what others choose to do.
    The only control We have is over our own choices and actions.
    It is only when each person come to the realization that the choices we make today is what make society what it is tomorrow, then they will start to understand and appreciate the importance and value of themselves in society and they will stop, think, and evaluate their words and actions.

    It is self upliftment that the youth in our society needs so they can fend for themselves when situations get rough, and not become another statistic to pair pressure, poverty, greed, and lust.

    No body is perfect. We all make mistake. It is not the mistake that show you who you truly are (judging a book by the cover), but the path you have chosen as a result of it.

    Ever difficulty situations God put in our lives is to help open our eyes and allow us to reflect on the deeper more important things that life has to offer.
    The Things we take for granted like freedom, family, love, and forgiveness towards others.

    The solution to societies problem starts with "me". Can't fix anyone's house until we fix our own – it starts within! Through perseverance and commitment to achieve your goal no matter what others may say or do!
    Wish him the best!

  3. Thank u souflo, tell it to d world👏✌🗣 Kartel/ Gaza fans go get the book n support him. Even if you can't read hv someone do it for u, about the music, right on point. Even if u r not a fan. I always say no sides for me!!! If d music sounds good I will listen. I just luv my country's music till the day I die. Where to get the book?

  4. Souflo, I HV a question. Why is it when something positive is said there's always someone out there waiting to bash it///seems like they just sit there w ✋ behind their heads waiting. They nd to take a walk around the block to relax their minds. That bk is saying a lot.

  5. Souflo mi Breda Iam in jamaica at the moments I just met a 20 year old dj who is about to enter magnum kings and queen Iam wondering if you can try and promote him for me I think. You would like him and is lyrics thanks bro

  6. Hi Souflotv how about bringing to ur viewers the CNN 18nov news of Men being Auction 4 sale in Libya as Slave; Yes the Arabs a now sell black people the refugee frm Nigeria Eventually it will b from anywhere

  7. Remember kartel is a mason and by what you repeated from the book even that was strategically placed in a way Jamaicans can understand or relate to what he is saying. This means he very well knows about the lies, trickery and false practices, and corruption in our society. Iam going to grab this book curious to see the full contents of it.

  8. What can I say, he’s a visionary and this book clearly shows this. I hope every Jamaicans read this book and open their third eye and that’s all I’ll say. Big up SoufloTV and keep doing the good work.

  9. I bought the book last year after reading the book I really look at him different I like AP even more. There are a lot of truth and some deep history of Jamaican culture that is still perpetuated till this day. I hope one day I can meet him and the man himself sign my copy.

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