Vybz Kartel Did The Impossible From Prison



  1. Yow vtm mi noh knw if u did c a program years ago on tvj wen di black balledhead woman did seh in a few years from dem time deh vibes kartel will b no longer b vibes kartel guess she mean he will not b recognize. Soh wen mi memba dem ting deh n pre yah now mi can c seh a long time dem did a plan fi him u zimi so u r any 1 did c it jus pre di thing wah deh guane now

  2. Yow free thinking a how did give kartel the name exiled pharaoh 🤔🤔 I thought it was blessedgazadiva..& him me track seh Fiero nuh fear 👂👂 only kartel can do a futuristic tune

  3. Kartel deh a prison a run the di road, & DEM A BOOST ALKALINE FI TEK WHATS NOT HIS,but kartel install so much artiste in the system that Alkaline can’t even get past non a them,plus others who endorse him & look up to him as the trend setter,,if alkaline just show the man his respect,he probably would be in a better position,,Alkaline can’t even walk near tommy lee,popcaan,all rygin king a lead over him,,,,alkaline check this,”NO MAN IS AN ISLAND”,so stop gwan like you are topa top,when you’re not,FREE VYBES KARTEL!!!

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