Vybz Kartel Jurors from his 2014 trial on the run and in hiding

One of Jamaica’s most prolific dancehall Reggae stars was placed on trial and convicted in 2014 where he was given a life sentence to serve. Some of the jurors from that trial are on the run and in hiding and have made contact with news entities in Jamaica to talk about their quality of life since the trial ended and the things they fear the most. We assess the story printed in the Gleaner and give our own opinions and commentary. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but the timing of this has me thinking some one has a sinister plot and wants to influence the outcome of this appeal verdict in a negative way. What says you my SouFLoTv family?

  2. Listen if them really contact the gleaner i dont believe its no juror i believe its the so call witness n lizard but them say its a male n female juror to throw we off but read between the lines why a only two of them overseas n if ppl find out n want them so bad how come ppl nuh hurt them family? N a next thing wah so special about these two ppl. Man unuh wise up man a the so call witness n lizard them cah hold it no longer.

  3. What do I think about this Juror… RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH…. She's lying and looking money. How many other people were in that court room. How many other people have undergone the same treatment 4 years after the case??????… It sounds like her partaking in the case she received some financial gain . Just as much as the court case was CORRUPT. I sense her free paper bun up. She's bleed the system for what she can get and now the system has no more to offer her , shes crying to the media…. To see what else she can get. What does she mean she can't speak to her family ..But yet still she can talk to the media. I bet if she was properly investigated they would find out a whole lot more to these cries. She wanted a free visa. She got the visa . She was an opportunist, foreign life you want foreign life you get . Now go get a job like everyone else and stop your nonsense.

  4. They full of it how much years now kartel deh a jail and they were not complaining about nothing now because they hear about the man them appeal they coming with their back a complains. And why jurors in witness protection program and they ain't witness??? They bring it on their own self who tell them to take up juror post they didn't know all the thinks that came with it and why they take bribery money? Listen man you jump outta frying pan and into the fire so stop the whining and the back a complains nobody told you all to turn jurors or to take no bribery money. You all make you all beds so now lay in it and shut up. Kmt mi can't badda wid you all eehno. Well she business in Jamaica she need to tell them to send her money from it.

  5. But SouFLoTV think about it, I believe they did the same thing to Clive Lizard Williams, send him away to another country so they can get to frame Kartel for murder. That's why Peter Bunting did carry certain information to the United States saying that Kartel is responsible for over 100 murder in Jamaica.

  6. What I want to know isn't the witness who testify against kartel still in Jamaica???? And if he is how come he still in Jamaica and not in witness protection but these jurors are? I don't believe that when they put you in witness protection program they get employment for you and house and when they change your identity you can't be in contact with nobody at all. So this 8 days visit is a lie. This story is a lie and sabotage. God over everything though. Bless up yourself fam

  7. Souflo this story is so sketchy. Why all of a sudden this person is speaking out? He isn't suppose to be speaking or in contact with any Jamaican but here he is giving an interview to the largest newspaper publication in Jamaica. I understand if he is feeling alone and misses his family but the choice was his to leave them… why would you leave your child in Jamaica if you felt so scared for your life? This isnt making much sense to me.

  8. Entertainers entertain and keep away from violence and people who engage in violence! Make your money, live comfortable and ENJOY your lives! NOT WISE to make a TON of money THEN end up paying back to lawyers to keep you out of the BIG UGLY HOUSE! (prison) lol lol FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE WISE!

  9. My question is don’t when they put you in witness protection they all so put your wife and kids if you do have any. And if you only have your kids they go with you too,

  10. Really what’s up with the white peoples wigs on? Do you guess miss your oppressors that much? Smdh black people wake the hell up, there’s nothing european about you we predate their existence!!!

  11. Look here them will kill them fi real I was in a taxi the other day and a young boy started talking free world boss and a lady said free wat him must stay in prison and she almost loose her life so I believe they av to run for there life's the young people are crazy them will kill u for him in a minute

  12. Jus got back from JA n get the chance to comment now…yeah the timing of this really crazy but here my thoughts ? questions rather; how is this person not allowed to talk to anyone not even to talk any Jamaicans there but was able to have interviews with the gleaner ? Witness protection is to protect you and your family, so how is it they are separated from their families? What is so special about these 2 jurors that they had to be relocated but everyone else remains right there in Jamaica ? This just my few unanswered thoughts. The timing is crazy though

  13. I sense something fishy, dubious and doubtful about this article in the Gleaner, That's
    not to say the article is incorrect, it's not beyond the wit of man to contact the gleaner
    anonymously claiming to be the Juror in Question now living overseas; after reading
    the story myself, I'm not too sure that the Gleaner was not deceived by an elaborate
    hoax, I am not sure if this story was Independently verified and Corroborated by other
    Jamaican Media; according to the article, it was a male Juror, some are saying it was
    a female,

    Let us try and analyse this story, first we have 11 Jurors sitting in judgement on the
    Kartel case, 3 were relocated overseas, presumably 8 of those jurors are still living
    in Jamaica, one of those 8 is coach Livingston Cain, a fellow Juror now accused of
    Jury corruption, accused of offering some or all of his fellow Jurors a bribe of $500,000
    to return a not guilty verdict against Vybz Kartel;

    what is still unclear, was that amount to be shared by all 3 Jurors, or was it to be shared
    by all 11, was $500,000 the amount each would get, if they accepted the offer??
    secondly how many of the 11 were tampered with?? was it just those 3 ?? or was it
    everyone on the Jury?? when did all this information came to light??? I assume it was
    after the trial, when one or all 3 told the police, and that would be when Mr Cain was
    charged with attempting to pervert the course of Justice; (( Corruption of the Jury))

    if all the 11 was offered $500,000 each, and we don't know for sure, we can only speculate
    that would amount up to $5.5 million, but if only 3 were approach with that offer of $500,000
    each, that would amount to $1.5 million, whichever way you looked at it, that's a Large
    amount of money for an individual who claims not to know kartel, to be willing to pay from
    his own pocket, according to the Gleaner those 3 who didn't accept the bribe, also gave
    evidence in court against Mr Cain;

    it is obvious why Vybz Kartel and his people would disown this football coach, putting out
    a statement that they had no dealing with Mr Livingston Cain; what is very suspicious is
    that Vybz Kartel's Supporters want everyone to believe, that a corrupt man who is
    supposed to be an Independent Juror, would use his own money to try and buy a not
    Guilty verdict to benefit Vybz Kartel; Someone he claim not to know, and someone he had
    no dealings with;

    An Oath, is a commitment every juror has to take, and that's to uphold the law, to Lie, or
    any attempt to pervert the course of true Justice, is a very, very serious offence, that kind
    of corruption in our Judicial system, can allow the Rich and Guilty, to go free to kill again,
    and the innocent can also be convicted, anyone found Guilty of this offence, must be
    Severely punished; it makes you wonder why only those 3 had to Runaway from Jamaica
    and the other 8 can stay behind without their lives being threatened;

  14. Thank you souflo! You explain this story way better to understand to rassclath! ??‍♂️ Me listen 2 other brother and me confuse you f#@$%. But anyways they really a come up with all kinda things to hold the still boy o boy, just have dwl! O JA! ??‍♂️ @souflo

  15. Lol, everything seems to be happening for a reason. Now pertaining to the jurors, I really feel bad for what they are going through. I'm now wondering what is going on with the other jurors.

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