Vybz Kartel Move could be good (Here is why)

The dancehall super star Vybz Kartel was recently moved from one prison to another within hours of Ninja man another dancehall legend being moved as well. In this video we talk about Vybz Kartel’s upcoming appeal, his relationship with Ninja man, rumors and what this could mean. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Not sure the Full details of the Vybz Kartel case, but if he got locked up for just those Voice Notes that was on a phone that the police passed around and used for weeks/months. This case may not hold for too long, because Lately I've been hearing Spliced Vybz Kartel Dubs everywhere. I've listened some of them over and over and its Impossible to know its fake. Man them have Vybz Kartel a call them name and them sound system name. And I've heard a whole bunch of other artists fake splice dubs also.

  2. I watch each of you're vlogs and you are if not one of the Greatest vloggers on Youtube in the sense that you're vlogs are done in 90% Standard English so that it appeals to not only Jamaicans but a international fan base. Keep up the amazing work bro

  3. I can only think about kartel and his friends kicking down ninja man at sting, now all these years later both of dem in prison and it's still the same fuckery shit is sad.

  4. SouFLo, I look forward to Kartel’s appeal: However, because of the murder situation in Jamaica I do not think that his appeal will be successful. The powers that be do not want Kartel on the outside because he is too influential on the youths.Unless Kartel will be their total puppet; he will not be set free!!

  5. lol what if Kartel really set free and ninja man lost his appeal, this is what I think of ninja man a guy got punched in the stomach or mouth and you ask him are you ok and he said man that was nothing never felt a thing and when you are out of view you can hear the baby like crying , now he is in solitary confinement the reality of the tough prison life and the crap he just pull on the system , I bet the folks in control just said lets see how you like the prison now you Ass H_ _ e .

  6. SouFlo, could u imagine both Kartel and Ninja in the same house? Two things, 1 they could record a mega hit , or 2 it will be war between both camps

  7. World Boss needs to be careful sound like a set up… if world boss ppl do something do Ninja they will blame Kartel.. Another sign that they don't have any evidence on Kartel.. They hope that Kartel bait Up himself…. just a different angle…

  8. Souflo, Vybz MUST get rid of Tom Tavares Finson and his son as his legal team, their performance was PATHETIC and bordered on conspiracy, PLEASE do a section on that and the fact that Tavares Finson is the stepfather of Jr. Gong (coincidence??).

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