Vybz Kartel new white girl & Dissing Black girls? wow

Vybz Kartel has always been a controversial entertainer and has remained one of the most talked about in the dancehall reggae music genre for over 2 decades. In this video we talk about his new girlfriend which is not of African descent, remarks that were made regarding black women wearing weave, his skin bleaching and how the response has been on social media. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. Okay, SO FOR THE SHORT ATTENTION SPAN PEOPLE and those with no critical reasoning skills, those will not take time to watch the whole video but quick to comment ignorance. Hey, it was all said in the video, the Hacking of that account etc, so I suggest you listen and watch all of the video before commenting. Thanks #Management

  2. Listen black men and black woman all date white people we always complain about the white people but yet some black people are bleaching their shin to make themself a lighter complexion thats double standards we live in a multicultural society so get real thats life

  3. I can't take anything he says seriously. So, says the skin Bleaching King. When ppl gonna realize entertainers will do and say anything for money. Health wise its better for us to go natural, but to each its own.

  4. Especially where u said most black women that make a big fuss about interracial dating only make that fuss when its a black man that has money or status

  5. @SouFloTV …lol…You imitation of how those people speak…lol…just killing me…lol…I never cared about skin color, but I moved to America and realized that I was being judged based on my skin color; now I am very very very careful on who I surround myself with. People are people. Every culture has it's good, bad, and ugly. All I can say is do the best you that you can do.

  6. Greetings King, i"ve always contended that people can date who dem wan fi date and i realize that some people are simply miserable and dem nah wan unnu but don't want to see dem wan you either. My issue is and will always be with the men and women who date outside their race because they despise the reflection in the mirror.They hate the texture of their hair and believe that there is such a thing as good hair. These people can and should simply drop off the face of the earth. Serina Williams married a White boy who hasn't seen her real hair from the 1st date..to the wedding to the birtj of their child…how do o know …she has publicized each of these events and its really sad. I can't imagine sharing my life with a white man..they are prone to mental disorders and the end result could mean me in a deep freezer..lol Also they look like their oppressive father's…i wouldn't be able to tell them apart. Raspect King ?✊?❤✌

  7. so now you all are going to go after what was forbidden….we worked to scrub floors etc…the rest was rape and torture for us..not a party…got it twisted I think!

  8. What youre saying about black women is not true….Black women only started taking them as partners because not finding enough partners with black men.

  9. You are a honest man Souflou, its nice to hear people speak the truth. Personally i dont even care about black females they can drop dead for all i care but its nice to know my Jamaican brothers are waking up.

  10. Not not soulfow that not ture about white men remember stop telling me lie no sex with white men with black women because white men love men but white women love women only yes black woman go out white men they no sex you see white men looking men to sleep with and same white women if black men go with any white women no sex because white women love women only

  11. The only black man I don't mind seeing white women with are the bruk pocket, missing teeth, cast eye, one foot, likkle peepee black men. Sorry, just keeping it 100.
    But right is right and so I must agree with you SouFlo that "we" as a whole human race of people should not concern ourselves with who others choose to love/sex/boops out etc etc…
    This is true! All I can is that I'm a working progress. pray for me 🙂

    One other small note…. folks figet seh Vybz deh ya jail?! As long as him nah like man, who cares? Low di man.

  12. Soulflo, I would have to respectfully disagree with your argument. My problem with what Vybz and any other blk men that date outside of their race do is the need to start bashing or talking down to blk women because they are now in a relationship with a white women. He didn't have to uplift one women, to downgrade another. It boils down to self hate. I'm a product of an interracial marriage and all that you stated to justify Vybz new disdain for black woman is incorrect. Blk women don't have a history of choosing white men over blk men. Blk men have that history. They feel that being with a white woman will help put them on a higher economical scale, when in reality it doesn't.

  13. Black go back lol any way they are living in denial. They hide and admire white men. Yet they want to be seen by the black community that they are with a black man.

  14. 3quarter agree wid yuh… gave u a thumbs up then tek it back.. I'm gonna give u this one.. Black woman, to love themselves more thou…. white man don't entice mi… I believe in ppl of own kind…. I'm with an African that hate weaves, worse di wig & I somewhat see his point…. long b4 Kartel said sh$t. But guess what, Kartel can't tek dat back!! I don't care .. the ones who really cares as a Darker shade woman can't do without. My edges are just growing back & once they are grown… I'll be locking my hair… My daddy is a Rasta man, so I needed no one to tell me that. Especially, Kartel… please! Kettle a cuss pot!

  15. SOUFLO. i dont agree because alot of black men are cool with a black women until they gain wealth. they switch up i am not attracted to white men and i live in Europe. and i see how the black guys here just get women may it be white black Asian etc. and dont look after them jamaican men here has a reputation of smoking weed and kids they dont look after thats due to the black guys attitude.

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