Vybz Kartel Safer behind Bars because

vybz kartel is inching towards freedom but many are saying he is safer where he is. In this video we talk about that and address also what we are waiting on at this point following completion of the appeal hearing and we also explore what might happen in Jamaica if anything was to happen to Vybz Kartel. Dont forget to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. The system sink kartel society no do nothing fi ghetto youth true vybz kartel sing bout the system and the wickedness weh dem a do and dem sink fi dat kartel tell Jamaica fi don't vote nobody no vote election day

  2. Really where do u come up with these lies what kinda of shoes were these too shoes and get is the police and problem child was talking on the phone and I guess it was the police who said there willing to kill the guys them mother if they don't get back the shoes must be some of those expensive shoe that I see in Holt Renfrew for $5000 I guess and I guess that was police with the pick axe who was seen planning to go do harm to someone in the other room. U and anyone who try to deny that evidence are the devil and the devil is a liar louflo go-go souflo your the devil

  3. U guys think because kartel is articulate and can use is word to paint a vivid picture is some kind of God u know why the system currupt because all are u are currupt just like the politian and society connected people get away with crime u guys want to use that to say kartel is not guilty with this clear evidence what u guy s should is pray for is soul to good and I'm not talking about Jesus I'm talking about the Devine power who created life and death and ask man on earth for mercy

  4. U removed my comment again see why I say u are evil doers. Don't eat the bread of wickedness stay away fr the wine of violence cause it will only lead u into multitude of sinner. Those who uphold evil will have God to answer to. So stop defending evil u see a man do wrong don't uphold it asking him to confess his sin and repent and seek mercy for his soul.louflo go-go souflo u are an evil person

  5. Souflo voice of reason you and I both know that one of the main issue with Kartel is when he's free he an the other co accused are free to sue the government for loss of earnings etc…. realistically Mr Palmer could bankrupt them

  6. A souflo am from a small island in the caribbean very small..few hundred ppl and every person on that island love and support VK music. I am going to post and encourage every one on my island to subscribe…Daily I look to you for news updates..live in London..Big up yourself..

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  8. @souflotv hear what mi ah say fam mi see nuff ppl ah run down kartel and ah say him guilty and him fi rot in jail etc. But these same ppl are the ones who probably a do some real wickedness or some ah dem family members and friends a scammer, rapist, thief, murderer, child molester etc and they know that but they would never report them to the police and they helping them kind their criminal ways but they have the nerve to come on here a talk and a wish bad for kartel. Listen me the man is a father, son, uncle and a brother the man have family who love him and trust and believe the shit these idiot be saying is hurting the man family's hearts. Everyone has their own opinion but some of them too judgemental, no body on earth not perfect so you all need to shut up if you all no have nothing good to say bout the man . Clean the beam out allu eyes before you all try to take it out a kartel eye. Who vex , vex mi no business. Fam Sorry for the long rant but mi just fed up ah these stupid comments and them, bless up yourself every time.

  9. Sou.flo me tell dem long time Kartel a de baddest thing outa ja since Bob Marley Dats y dem a try fe kip.him dung not even Inna prison dem caa.stop him more life to addi big up Mr flo

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