Vybz Kartel vs Shorty (Know when to let go)


Vybz Kartel the controversial dancehall star and his common law wife and mother have parted ways, well at least that is what the media is running with. In this video we talk about their relationship but only as an example to get our main message across about knowing when to let go and not being afraid to move on. Dont forge to like, comment, share, subscribe and click the bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. My nigga worlboss issa boss for real… De man say one woman cant satisfy him. He need to stop bein petty with shorty. But aye free worl boss… Big u souflotv

  2. I believe this is a publicity stunt! A drowning man will clutch at a straw. They’re desperate and will try to use anything to attract attention and to help his drowning career.

  3. me nuh know breda people personal relationship ….. better you avoid them topic yah….. a mostly woman discuis dem thing deh…. man and woman buisness a fi dem private affair dat beda me nah fight you a the same thing me would a seh to a next man even if a you and your woman him did a discuss… yuh hear dat

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