Warning Warning Warning Be Very Careful

In this morning thoughts we talk about decisions made consciously or subconsciously and mastering self to avoid self destruction. We talk about the feet, legs, hands, fingers, eyes, and the mind. Like, comment, share, subscribe and click the Bell to be notified when new videos are uploaded to SOUFLOTV.



  1. This the new generation I did growing up with internet and I don’t think you do either. Social media is for the new peoples not so much use. When we was younger we meet man r woman in the club r at the launder mat are supermarkets r outside but today kids don’t even go out side they meet do everything on social media. That just how it is but I here your point too

  2. This was a favorite Church song when I was a kid. Now I have to be creative with my son with instilling this message. I just have to keep at it, these are great words of wisdom SouFloTV.

  3. Souflo…..What you have said represents just a tiny fraction of a branch of science known as Metaphysics. The Law of Attraction (that you are emphasizing on currently) is one out of hundreds of other Universal Laws. As a matter of fact, modern scientists have recognised that Metaphysics is just as real as any other branches of science. This was realised through advanced studies of Quantum Physics and the Laws of the Cosmos. This is not something to be taken lightly. Even Jesus Himself, while he was on earth, taught us about the Universal Law of Karma…"What you sow; is what you shall reap". The Bible itself is filled with Metaphysical teachings. This is so because God himself is the source of all the Universal Energy. Recall that everything in the universe is energy. And such energies are interconnected with each other !!!!!

  4. Slo FLO ( SOUL FLO) , is a very special person. SOMETIMES I am DEPRESSED. But I listen to you and you crack me the fuck up man , FUCKIN ' hilarious SHIT, intertwined with a whole lot of truth and wisdom. You should really pat yourself on the back man. You really make me laugh.

  5. Get to the fukkin point my guy! ? why they gotta be whores or whoremongers? Some people are just about sex. You ain't tellin people what to do or say yet that's all you talkin about. And labeling people. Whatever people do that's what they do. Nobody don't tell you anything and I garauntee that nobody can't tell you shyt. Some people don't want one woman or man want one gyal. Worry about you. Because there will be people who will never change. Why you think there's a hell fire and judgement day?? Because everybody not gon make it to heaven.

    Leff people alone. Nuh worry bout nobody else. Guard yuh own eyes an heart. Watch weh direction you are goin in. You think you the only one that told them this shyt?? Sometimes we can become too zealous or self-righteous and then start givin self proclaimed prophecy and knowledge. Sometimes (more often than not) the message we givin is for our own sakes. We need to hear the very same shyt we preachin to people.

    Just mek sure you are right with God. Nuh worry bout anyone else especially the ones doin the Devils work. Some people have been givin over to a reprobate mind (meaning they will never change) so God washes his hands of those type of sinners. If yuh read yuh Bible and yuh really walkin the walk yuh wouldda read the message in Romans at the beginning. Paul even goes as far as to let the followers of Christ know why they do the bad and not the good that they ought to. It's not an excuse to keep doin bad but it is a reason why some people naaah go change brethren and no amount of preachin gwaan reach them!?

    Mi understand yuh message but nuttin new in there that nobody hasn't heard already. Nuh beat a dead horse. Give people some real uplifting and edifying words. Don't tell anyone what not to do. It's like a mother or father weh always tell dem pickni fi go look ah job or piece ah work. Anyone can say it…but how bout yuh show them how fi look ah job?? Everyone waan be preacher. In this world right now wi need wi need teachers. All yuh blooodclaaaat see pon Facebook and Twitter is what people need fi do. Or what them shouldn't do. Pure talkin and no showing. Thats why mi nuh listen to no YouTube prophets. Everyone waan others to abide by their own personal philosophy.

    Yuh naah go stop people from lustin an coveting. It happen before Christ ah come. Yuh tink it gwaan stop now?? Because of one..two..twenty video?? Brethren…gi di people some real food fi think bout. Sometimes di good weh wi tink wi ah do is actually bad wi ah do.

    "Let another praise you and not your own lips" ?????????‍♂️

  6. Hello souflo , I am in Nova Scotia canada, I recently came upon your Chanel while I was scanning through the YouTube channels, about a month ago and I have been watching ever since . You and your wife are doing a good job keep up the good work of informing us abroad about what's hapening in our homeland Jamaica. now souflo, on the the topic where your wife address those bad minded people who are saying things about you that are not true, I am glad she put them in there place. I was not surprise that they did, it seems that when people are successful and getting ahead lots of their countrymen are jealous of them and want to put them down. Souflo, get your revenge by being more successful, aim for the highest get improve your make it a mission to be the best channel ever, keep it professional and don't stoop to their level. I am rooting for you. You have a beautiful family. Love

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