White People Speaking Jamaican (Patios) | Funniest Video On The Internet | Dancehall | Jamaica Video

White People Speaking Jamaican (Patios) | Funniest Video On The Internet | Dancehall | Jamaica Video



  1. Dat nuh bizniz dat
    Like busy signal seh "nuff ah dem stay so"
    But all now dem duh address seh dem did kill Bob Marley why dem lock up buju, etc etc… All dis is ah reverse colonization, while wi tek it as joke, dem dead serious. They actually believe seh dem ah wi, but in instance dem knuh seh ah fuckery dis, but I digress.

  2. They've done this many times already historical, dem luk fi replace ppl n' dem neh replace me doh! dem talk sum shyt weh nevah deh deh r implied. I duh understand u ppl enuh unuh chuck off inna di ocean n' cyaah float….. Buh! Mankind is a werewolf and will change addi fullmoon.

  3. All this is? Is called CULTURAL APPROPRIATION , they appropriate certain aspect of your culture that they've create socially not to be accepted and then presume as they the ones who had created and if you don't notice that's all they are doing, then again they only associated them selves when we dealing with something not intelligence, but make it be some ignorant shit that's counter productive to "our being", they don't even like when we talk about man and woman, they censor that shit. if don't believe me ask the Yankee dem! All they do is steal your identity then leave you with shit, and if unuh aven zeen yet dat all our money is worth iz shyt, suh imagine dem ma nuh real ppl den, cuz dem nah prioritize fi existence den, cuz ppl need money tuh eat, but dem waan siddung n' laff like everyting n' ntn nuh alrite, dem seet as ah game, di name is survival of di fittest. Dem si sumn dem like dem juss guhin tek et, but who cyaan wrong dem, we here in promotion of it because wi looking fa validation (acceptance and or bigups), gratuity (material possession or gains), amendment (psychological and mental healings), salvation (white Jesus syndrome or white Knight complex) etc, we should be our own cuz gad dyam it… Wi is one man! Dem ppl ah vampire, is like me wone pree seh dem cyaah walk inn direct sunlight… In essence they fullness of the qualification to be considered a species of vampires, but I digress.

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