Why Planes Don't Fly Faster


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Sound by Graham Haerther

1970s first class image courtesy British Airways and used under fair use guidelines
Concorde interior photo courtesy ravas51
British Airways First Class Photo courtesy TravelingOtter
British Airways Business Class Photo courtesy Peter McCarthy and Tony Kent

“Prelude No. 7” and “Prelude No. 14” by Chris Zabriskie

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  1. Why didn't you told anything about Soviet Tupolev Tu-144? It used a turbofan engine with afterburner and flew with speed about M=2,00 (M=2,02 for Concorde). It has far more fuel consumption indeed, but it's really interesting, does the turbofan with afterburner become more efficient in contemporary engines?

  2. Just fyi, we still havent been to the moon, and never will. Stop believing everything you hear. Do your own research. Swallow your pride and stop believing you cant be fooled.

  3. This seems a highly bias video and one would assume this video was made by an American person who is butt hurt that Boeing and other US aviations firms were unable to make a supersonic passenger jet while the British and French did. It would be interesting to know the source of information for this video, Concorde became highly profitable for BA, less so Air France.

  4. Nice video but your take on the Concord is completely wrong. Air France pulled out and BA couldn't run it on their own. Sad really because after the 2 crashes they'd overhauled the plane and it would have been fine

  5. I'm not even going to watch this because it's like asking why cars don't go faster, but with different specifics. They do need to bring back the Concorde though.

  6. There's actually a forth not mention here, my favourite actually. The Turbo-Ram-Jet. But no civilian flight will use those. Not to mention the SR71's Pratt & Whitney J58's use less fuel flying at 3,529 km/h than slow take off and landing speeds. Because their is natural compression and bypass tubes.

  7. There are some blatant inaccuracies in the above video, but like everything else said or written in our world, they can put ANYTHING out there and say it's true, whether it is or not!
    There's no law against lying! So people need to research for themselves IN MORE THAN ONE PLACE to learn from authentic resources, what they can believe or not believe, and take everything else with a grain of salt!!

  8. This explanation is partly wrong
    Modern airliners have high bypass ratio turbofans because they are more efficient.
    But the thing about bypass ratio is that, the higher it is, the more the engine turns into a ducted fan, so closer to a turboprop than a turbojet and so less and less efficient at high speeds.

    An old 727 with low bypass turbofans could go up to mach 0.9 while a 320 with high bypass struggles to go up to 0.8, because the engines are inefficient and can't deliver the thrust at these speeds.
    So to fly efficiently you need high bypass, and for a high bypass to be efficient, you need slower speeds.

  9. Higher compression ratio=more efficiency, but due to temperature restrains it also means less work or thrust, or more correctly more work per unit of mass flow, so bypass allows for a lot more mass allow higher compression ratios and thus more thermal efficiency. Of course there is more to it like multi stage compressors and turbine, but in rough that's it.

  10. You are incorrect at 2:38, the majority of the thrust comes from the fan or air flowing around the turbine. Only 10-20% comes from the turbine exhaust. I have started watching some of your videos and have found a lot of misinformation.

  11. Despite the fact that Concorde was too expensive to fly, I still love it. Its a super-sonic plane capable of travelling much faster than the traditional planes we see today. Travel times are cut in half because of how fast it is. I love it.

  12. We need to work on tunnels and high speed rail. Airplanes are going to be dinosaurs in the future. We will be using high speed rail, and spacecraft. Much easier to go high speed in a vacuum without air resistance.

  13. You are wrong about the" turbofan" aero- engine. The majority of the thrust is produced through the bypass duct not high pressure turbine. They are called high bypass turbofan like RR trent 1000, RR XWB , GNEX and etc.

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