Woman Comes to Paternity Court For Round 2 (Full Episode) | Paternity Court


McCrory v. McCrory: A Michigan man fears that he’s not the father of his wife’s three year old son and is in court to get the results of a DNA test and a lie detector test to determine the depth of her infidelities.

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Woman Comes to Paternity Court For Round 2 (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Season 4, Episode 33

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  1. She's crude and classless. Not much brain power going on there; I pity her children. He should leave with his son; she's a bed hopper and has no conscience about it and no remorse. Those photos…my eyes…I shall have nightmares tonight. Yikes. Something is wrong with her. She's nasty and really, she doesn't know what deceptive means?

  2. Who ever the make up artist is for this show is absolutely amazing because I don’t know how they make all these females look like they didn’t just do all that hoeing

  3. You is a hoe!!!

    Having different fathers to your kids isn’t a bad thing…. not knowing who that man is? Well you nasty.

    My kids all have the same father and I couldn’t imagine not having the CORRECT father on their birth certificate or seeing their face when they call another man “daddy” when it’s been proven by science that he’s not.

    Your disgusting and your husband is a fool for sticking by you… sticking by the kids he’s a hero but sticking by you he’s a door mat for your pleasure

  4. I remember this couple. Both their attitude on the previous case was just wrong. And now the wheel has turned. She still had that nasty attitude though

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