Zion Lex Explosive And Powerful Response To Sonjedi / The Best And Fearless Hebrew On The "Planet"



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  1. Again his premise is off so his whole build is incorrect..he brags about how many books hes read yet he has no understanding of linguistics..again. When it comes to Sesh Mdw Ntr he needs to gain knowledge of comparative Linguistics, pragmatics semantics, phonology and morphology. Shm m htp

  2. ISRAEL, MEANS IS= ISIS, RA=GOD OF SUN, EL=PREFACE OF GOD….NOT A LAND……TRAITOR AFRICANS went to king to follow Gentiles or Europeans ways

  3. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR ZION'S NONSENSE… If he follows Kemet then he knows that there was absolutely no ownership of women. Women had equal rights alongside of men. This is an established and well known fact. Egyptian women could have their own businesses, own and sell property, and serve as witnesses in court cases. They could escape bad marriages by divorcing and remarrying (owned people cannot divorce their owner). And women were entitled to one third of the property their husbands owned. The political and economic rights Egyptian women enjoyed made them the most liberated females of their time. We also no that there is no misogyny in the culture of Kemet because the feminine principle was worshiped and honored as actual deity unlike the Hebrew faith.

  4. Why does Zion lex act like he so well known in Brooklyn I’m from ENY NEVER HERD OF ZION LEX and yes we know plenty killers in Flatbush and Zion lex is not One of them I can’t take these dudes who act like they killers and never been to riskers island or up top this dude energy throws me off he tries to play like he TUFF U NOT TUFF Zion save that bullshit

  5. Zion lex is knowledgeable , he keep lifting himself up like others not doing or like he is the best doing it. I don't like that about him.

  6. That nigga is no Israelite dressing like that. Then to "ACT" like he knows scripture and totally contradict himself. But this channel is a joke now. No real knowledge just niggas making up their own definitions to ENGLISH words. STUPID AND GOOFY.

  7. REALIST💩 I heard Sa say Ever. Cuz he is SURELY BRUTALLY HONEST. Small time I met him , he made me feel like he was my homie for years lol. I respect Honest ppl .


  9. Brother Lex…You just said what was the most important thing and this was that, we all have a piece of the puzzle and we have to come together with all the pieces and then will see the complete truth But all of the pieces have to be in sync with logical common sense and reality and not By a dominating male over powering mentality.

    And when it comes to making the statement, that a Woman belongs to a Man, you are dealing with Kimmitic knowledge, and not some so called white male dominating system over the woman as control. The Woman and Man are one in Kimmit, that’s why you see them sitting side by side on the throne, and the Woman with her arm over her Man’s back, this represents their oneness in their Royalty.

    He is not the master of her, but he dose Master the Woman by getting to know her wisdom and who she is, so he can be a great man to her and his seed, to the point that she will never want to leave him.. they will always be united until death do they part…it is not to be taken one way a Man also belongs to a Woman, that’s how they become one in marriage, he had to enter into the Woman in order for them to become one flesh in marriage, or to bring life to their seed.

    That’s why they make the statement in the The Bible Genesis 2:24 All religions have borrowed and stolen and twisted our Kimmitic ancestors knowledge and made it into their own religions, This has caused Great confusion, when it comes down to true wisdom and knowledge, it is important that common sense and logical thinking go hand-in-hand.
    By:The Macon Kimpire Goddess © 2019 All Rights reserved and beyond.

  10. Real ones in the truth know, if it wasnt for Lexx, the Hebrew doctrine would be on flames right now.

    Torahlites like myself who inquire on the historical relevance/antiquity/integrity of ancient Yisrael, find solace in Brother Zion's astute wisdom and scholarship.

    Getting back to OT Law wasnt easy, i was a muslim, Daoist,stoic, Christian and Messianic Hebrew. Pulling back the layers has been very nerve wrenching and frightening, but Brother Zion Lexx along with others, put their reputations on the line, constantly defending scripture and Yahuah's words.

    Only fitting that a Levite would uphold the priesthood in these end days 🙌🏽

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